Hair Care Tips

In order to achieve longevity of good quality hair extension you will need a proper hair care routine. Here are some tips that can be applied to easily help care for your hair extension.


• We highly recommend when first received the hair, that you deep condition the hair regularly, approximately every week.
• Before washing, be sure to gently brush the hair out completely regardless of the texture, this will ensure that the hair is easier to manage while wet.
• Use Sulfate Free Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner.
• When detangling while wet, always detangle while conditioner is still in the hair, and start from the tip working your way up to the root.
• A wide tooth comb or wet brush should be utilized during this process.
• Very thick cream conditioners tend to work best with raw or proses Hair.

• After washing the hair, drain out all excess water and brush through the hair with no product in.

• Air dry naturally or a hair dryer can be used. But we highly suggest that Blow drying is not recommended because it could potentially cause strand breakage from overheating.

• If you have curly/very wavy textures, a generous amount of leave-in conditioner can be added daily to tame any frizz and define your curls/waves. Again, cream conditioners tend to work best.

• Use a heat protector when applying heat to the hair via flat or curling irons to minimize breakage

• A wide tooth comb or soft tip paddle brush is ideal for combing/brushing through your hair when necessary.

• Use a silk bonnet at night to lock in the hair's moisture and to prevent breakage as well.